Thomas Braddock in ‘The Ragnarok Vaults’

Soviets. Nazis. Spies. Codes. Lust.

Just your typical Cold War Spy novel.

Follow Thomas Braddock as he tries to foil a race by reconvening Nazis and Soviet agents as they try to open the Ragnarok Vaults.

Braddock, whose father was a disgraced engineer who sold nuclear secrets to the Soviets, tries uncover the mystery of the Rangarok Vaults with an old flame, government agent Samantha Lyons.

A fast pace drama from start to finish.

Dan Pope, author of HOUSEBREAKING 

“In THE RAGNARÖK VAULTS, Michael Perrota channels the storytelling ghost of Alistair MacLean and the literary efficiency of Lee Child to produce one of the best what if? thrillers I’ve read in years.”

Don J. Snyder, Author of OF TIME & MEMORY

“Perrota’s novel is a feast of exquisite sentences and compelling characters that carry the reader deep inside a mystery where life and death, and love and betrayal reveal themselves to us in uncommon and unforgettable ways. Because The Ragnarök Vaults is a stunning portrait of people filled with longing and regret, seeking refuge in a world collapsing around them, we should pay close attention.”