R. Vaults – Character Pages


THOMAS BRADDOCK: A historian and researcher who aides the War Crimes Processing Unit (WCPU) in Washington D.C., he is an expert in Nazi history and artifacts. He is shamed by the fact his father sold nuclear secrets to the Soviets after WWII. To begin the novel, his estranged father is dying of cancer. He is in his mid-thirties and possesses doctoral degrees in history and philosophical logic. He was dismissed from an FBI training program after striking an instructor yet he denies this fact and claims to have been blackballed from working for the government due to his father’s treachery.  He is divorced due to his many affairs. He is a sharp dresser, always in his brown collared, buttoned leather jacket.  He is extremely intelligent and sly, and while he does not have much experience with weaponry, he was an accomplished amateur wrestler. 

SAMANTHA LYONS: Braddock’s partner for the novel an intelligence officer who claims to unofficially be working with FBI (the agency did not recognize female agents officially until 1972).  She is a former love interest of Braddock. The two had a brief fling when they were recruits at an FBI training simulation. She is now a hard-nosed, determined agent who is career oriented. She is well versed in handling herself with firearms and martial arts. 


ERICH VON LAURSEN: A high-ranking Nazi general who is unmatched in strategy, determination and cunning. He is more concerned with personal victory than Nazi values. He is the mastermind of the Ragnarok Vaults. He disappeared after Berlin fell, but left an established network to follow through with his plan.

RODERICK HIEMZEL: Hailing from a rich German family with deep Nazi ties, he served as a medical scientist and torturer during World War II. He still burns for the cause and is still extremely active in maintaining close ties with the remnants of the Nazi Party. Has somehow been able to enter the United States without problems over the years since the war. 

VICTOR PRIEBENHOLT – A detached man who has been hiding out in the United States for years. He is recently widowed. He was once a cruel prison guard. He has not lost his nerve, but now questions his beliefs. Priebenholt was in the bunker during Hitler’s last days, and is privy to a dangerous secret about Hitler’s death.  He has a hand abnormality, as his left index finger is always slightly extended (he can never make a fist). This was suffered during his escape from Berlin when Nazi Germany finally crumbled.


SASHA aka “The Barin” (the Bear)

Affiliation: Red Lance

Sasha is a mountain of a man, in his mid-forties who enjoys his work and takes pleasure in the revenge he administers to Nazis. He enjoys murdering them in sadistic ways and rarely uses firearms, for he feels it does not satisfy him. His revenge stems from his family, who were victims in the Siege of Leningrad, one of the bloodiest battles in world history. Money is not a motivation for him, for he is very proud of being Russian. He rarely speaks and is well known and feared in Nazi circles.


Affiliation: Red Lance

He is the mouthpiece for Sasha and his handler. He is in his fifties and is a true mercenary. His only concern is money. He has a gambling and drug addiction and often pops off at the mouth when he shouldn’t to civilians. Still considered very dangerous. Rarely returns to Russia, for he is a wanted criminal. He is a former KGB operative.


Affiliation: KGB

Valeria is the codename for a beautiful woman who serves as a madam for Russian prostitutes in NYC. She is a highly trained operative who will serve as a prostitute herself for rich and powerful men. She is the contact who the KGB contacts to notify sleeper agents. She is a loyal Soviet and is well protected by bodyguards in her employ.


Affiliation: British Intelligence

A former member of Great Britain’s Naval Intelligence Division (NID), “Reynolds” is hiding out in the United States and is one of Braddock’s paid informants. He specialized in reconnaissance, sabotage and cryptography during World War II as a member of the Special Operations Executive. He has information to the whereabouts of the vaults. His real name is unknown.