N.J. Author Releases First of Cold War Spy Novel Series


Michael Perrota



N.J. Author Releases Cold War Spy Novel of Series

‘Ragnarok Vaults’ is the First of the Thomas Braddock Series

The year is 1965 and the paranoia of the Cold War is at its height. As the United States and the Soviet Union plot against each other, remnants of Nazi Germany decide it is the perfect time to open the Ragnarök Vaults, secret chambers stashed with gold, weapons and abandoned Nazi experiments.

Thomas Braddock is the leading authority on Nazi war criminals. Yet his family name is tarnished due to his father being a notorious traitor who sold atomic secrets to the Soviets shortly after World War II. To his horror, Braddock discovers that not only are Roderick Heimzel, a sadistic Nazi scientist, and Victor Priebenholt, a hardened Master Sergeant of the SS, are alive and well, they are making a last-ditch attempt to recreate a secret group known as the Blood Reich by unleashing the contents of the vaults.

Yet the Soviets have a stake in this game as well. Not only is their hatred for Germans still prevalent, but the contents of the Ragnarök Vaults would give them a decisive edge over the United States in the Cold War.

Content to restore his family name, Braddock begrudgingly teams with a former love interest, FBI agent Samantha Lyons, to apprehend the Nazis and destroy the dark secrets that the Blood Reich and Soviet Union desperately crave. Unfortunately for Braddock, he is far from a special agent. To stay ahead of his adversaries, he must use his keen sense of logic in a spy game that seems to have no rules, rhyme or reason.

“Braddock is a fun write for me,” says Perrota. “He’s stuck living with the sins of the father. And those decisions really impacted his life and he is hell bent on clearing his family’s name.”

While all of the events are fictional, there are some truths to some of the events in the story.

“I tried to make everything as accurate as possible in terms of timeline and political decisions,” said Perrota. “Then I threw it on it’s head and tried to give the reader a fun adventure.”

Some characters were inspired by real interviews Perrota conducted over the years.

“When you are a community reporter, you meet a lot of interesting people. And there is always some downtime when waiting for a meeting to start or waiting for some people to arrive. People seemed to always want to tell me things.”

Perrota won the prestigious Lloyd P. Burns Responsible Journalism award by the New Jersey Press Association (first place) and earned a second place award for News Writing and Reporting the following year. He has written for various media outlets in New Jersey and lectures about writing and media in New York. 

The Ragnarok Vaults is published by Black Opal Books. It is available via paperback and Kindle on Amazon and Barnes & Noble