So the best part of being a writer is taking on tons of projects. And the worse part is taking on tons of projects. So I’ll list just a few things I’m writing.

I am in the final stages of editing my fiction novel, The Ragnarok Vaults, which is a post-World War II spy novel. This one has knocked the heck out of me over the years. I’m relieved yet sad to see it end. I am so attached to these characters I can’t believe I won’t be talking in the shower to create dialogue for them.

Until the sequel.

I’m in the awkward phase of pitching agents. Talks are positive though, so I feel the project is moving along. If you are interested in reading a chapter, check out my samples page. I have about three short stories that i haven’t paid as much attention to as I should have, but TRV has really been my main focus over the past year. But its time to wrap them up too.

So a few years ago, I started my initial first person essay. I’ve always knocked the memoir genre, which was really shortsighted of me. I’m addicted now. So over the next few years, i plan on putting together a few essays a year until i can put together a collection. And hopefully it sells so I can be the person i’ve always rolled my eyes at and mumbled, “Like this person is important enough to write a memoir.”

A good story is a good story. Plain and simple.

In 2013, I finished a non-fiction book with an old friend, Dr. Eric Martone, a colleague from Mercy College that ironically, was a classmate of mine at Pace University.  Stranger than fiction for us both to end up there together. It was published by History Press and the book focuses on the history of Mercy College, where we work together, which has a real interesting back story from the the Rockefellas to an Irish order of nuns. Don’t feel left out if you did not attend Mercy. If you are a fan of New York history, this book is a must* read. *OK, maybe not must. But I have one two kids to feed.

My next book for the History Press will focus on The History of New Jersey Boxing. I’m hoping I’m wrapped up soon and I’m about halfway home right now. I’ve met many great fighters, fans and trainers over the past year. I loved chatting with Ray Mercer, and Mike Tyson was incredible. It’s amazing the dedication these men have to a sport that unfairly does not get the promotion it deserves.

I also have always set my heart on a graphic novel. i wrote a script years ago and have always been tremendously excited about it. Sadly I can’t draw a circle.  Have went through several experienced artists that never panned out. But like Sean Connery says in the Untouchables, “If you’re afraid of getting a rotten apple, don’t go to the barrel. Pick one of the tree.” Yet it was a no go. So I’m actually scrapping the script and starting over with a buddy who has way too many similarities to Brody from Mallrats. Who new concept with a piece or two from my previous one. As for finding the artist, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Where is Pam Beasley when I need her?

And of course I have some journalism projects up my sleeve. I’ll keep you posted. My feature about a Vietnam refugree to come out in Narritively Magazine last year went over well, and now I’m working on selling a piece about survivors of the Hiroshima blast.

When I know, you’ll know.



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