Five “Evil” Movie Presidents Who Would Win The 2016 Popular Vote

This is the second time I’ve broken rank from my main party, and it will probably not be the last. When you vote independent, people will often tell you that you wasted your vote.  I’ve voted for the who I feel is the best candidate, and I did it with a clear conscious. I don’t apologize for being in the minority.

Voting for the lesser of two evils, as everyone else has been putting it, just doesn’t make sense to me.

Can an independent win? Not this year. Can an independent win in the future? Let’s hope so. Because the state of the two main parties are have made Saturday Night Live’s job way to easy.

Either way, many men and women have fought and suffered to give Americans the right to cast a vote. Regardless of your position, respect your country and cast a vote.

And now without further ado, those who could have won the 2016 Presidential Election.

5 – Donald Pleasance, Escape from New York, The President

“Well, I… I wanna thank them. This nation appreciates their sacrifice.” (while getting his makeup done)

4 – Martin Sheen, The Dead Zone, President Greg Stillson\

“The missiles are flying. Hallelujah, Hallelujah!”

3 – Donald Moffat, Clear and President Danger, President Bennett

“How dare you come into this office and bark at me like some little junkyard dog? I am the President of the United States!”

2 – Mel Brooks, Spaceballs, President Skroob

“Sanders! Sanders! You gotta help me, I don’t know what to do. I can’t make decisions, I’m a president!”

1 – Terry Crews, Idiocracy, President Camacho

“Now I understand everyone’s (expletive)’s emotional right now. But I’ve got a three point plan that’s going to fix EVERYTHING.”


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