Boardwalk Empire Fans…

So here is a post I was working on for The History Of New Jersey Boxing book. …

MICKEY BLAIR (1908 – Nov. 4, 1941) was a super featherweight and lightweight boxer who was murdered in his tavern, The Pleasure Bay Inn, in Atlantic City. The story made national headlines. Known for having several scrapes with the law, Blair was shot to death at 2 a.m. at the Missouri Avenue establishment. Indicted for the murder, and later acquitted, was notorious bootlegger and crime figure Sammy “Cappy” Hoffman. He was born Mickey Tenerelli in Camden and retired with a record of 25-11-2 with 33 no decisions. He was the older brother of N.J. Boxing Hall Of Fame member Frankie Blair.

…and Sammy “Cappy” Hoffman was an enforcer for Nucky Thompson. Along with Jimmy Boyd, he is said to be some of the inspiration for everyone’s favorite character, Jimmy Darmody.

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